Hey guys, so i am updating my space with my Hongkong & Macau trip which i did last month ! It was quite an impromptu Trip , therefore it was even more exciting ! To be honest i had not even planned my itenary 😉.!

The Destination was chosen on the go , the Flight tickets and hotel reservation were all last minute errands.! They say “Never keep your Vacation on hold” i guess i took it pretty right !

Hongkong teems with energy from the moment you arrive, & it never lets up.Shopping is on the list. Landmarks and skyline needs to be captured, there’s countless street markets to be explored or get lost in, ferries and boat rides waiting at the bay. Needless to say ,its impossible to do everything ,but there are some experiences that simply shouldn’t be missed.

View from Victoria’s peak

If there’s only one thing you must do in Hongkong, it’s to take in the famous view from Victoria’s peak . Breath taking views of Hongkong island, Kowloon, & on very clear days Kowloons eight mountains.There are several ways to reach at the top, but the classic method is a ride by the peak tram.To decide a better view you can definitely choose the time all by yourself .

Gaze upon Buddha

West of the city center lies the mountainous terrain of Lantau island, home of the TIAN TAN BUDDHA .Sitting 34 metres high , visitors much climb 268 steps to reach the giant statue of BUDDHA , so be ready for a little excerise 😁! If climbing all those step makes you peckish , you can refuel yourself at the neighbouring Ngong Ping village for a traditional Buddist Vegetarian meal !


This was one thing , i was looking forward in this trip the DISNEYLAND. There’s something so magical about seeing sleeping Beauty’s castle ,watching a parade 😍 therefore the happiest place on Earth. Its cheesy i know but its definitely impossible to not fall under its charm ⛪♥️ .Every land is home to a unique look and feel and its own attractions, shops and eating establishments. Some are quite small, others are quite large. They are all well presented, fun and feel self contained. It’s fun to just walk around and appreciate the differences.

My favourite part of Disneyland is the parades! And I wasn’t disappointed. Hong Kong Disneyland had three on the day we visited.

I love how happy and fun the parades are. I find it elating to watch especially then when Disney characters interacted with us and pulled us in. Don’t miss the parades!


Until 1999 Macau was the last European colony in Asia, having been governed by the Portuguese since the mid 16th century. Evidence of her colonial history is scattered throughout the region, ranging from architecture to language to culinary treats and is well worth a visit.

The contrast of sprawling modern casinos will momentarily make you believe you’re in Las Vegas – in the last two decades Macau has quickly transformed into a gambler’s paradise. Today, this tiny territory is a huge magnet for mainland Chinese gamblers as it’s illegal to gamble in Hong Kong and China under Chinese law. With ferries every half hour Macau is easily accessible from Hong Kong, making the perfect day trip for every visitor!

Hope you’ll enjoyed the Travel blog ! Let me know which attraction did you find the most interesting ! Hearing from you guys would be half the fun 😊 so please share your thoughts and questions in the comments below !

More love and power to you guys !



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