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Today i would be reviewing a bunch of products that i have loved using from BIOTIQUE.

The cosmetics and personal care market is over flowing with goodness these days. BIOTIQUE is definitely competitive with the quality and functionally of its products , but what makes it really different to me is that they have made ethical consciousness a strong part of the company culture .

I thoroughly love that they keep their products 100% natural ,so i can feel good using them knowing that they are good for my skin and good for the world at large.


Biotique beginning is indeed my favorite because is it with the splash of empowering female entrepreneurialism.

Vinita Jain the founder of Biotique range of ayurvedic beauty and Health products in Collaboration with a Swiss company . According to her the brand is a combination of the 5,000 year- old science of ayurveda and 21st century biotechnology .

“Actually, we did our work before we went into it. We didn’t want to be surprised, so we did a lot of research prior to the application. I was myself involved with a team of people so that there were no challenges and surprises when we were doing it “- she said

With her passion for the products she explained –
We go to the base level — right from the seed, to the type of soil, to the organic fertilizers. So from that level we grow the crops and we see that the active ingredients in each of the herbs are tightly monitored.


Most people Know that BIOTIQUE products are 100% natural, effective & offer some greatness as well.

If you’re familiar with BIOTIQUE face wash range,you know that these people know how to make your skin happy ! I tried this Bio Honey Gel Face Cleanser which is intensely hydrating and the fragrance is divine. This cleanser is apt for Dry skin as it caters utmost hydration to your dull skin and restores the glow !

Bio Cucumber Toner is the second step in my Skin care routine . This toner Predominantly helps in tightening the skin & minimizing the pores . i feel like it works well in beautifying the skin and correcting the texture of surface on the skin.

Bio Papaya Facial Scrub, hands down is my favorite scrubber so far. This scrub emphasizeses on removing the Sun tan and is absolute solution for this scorching season. Apt for normal to combination skin. I love the effect of it after i rinse my face off , it makes my skin feels like a baby’s bum 😉 soft & smooth ! I have introduced it religiously into my weekly skincare regimen.

Bio Seaweed Anti- Fatigue Eye Gel , is an absolute must have in my opinion. This treats the puffy eyes and reduces Fatigue. It is designed with Great ingredients to cool down the eyes and feel fresh ! The packaging is handy therefore its travel friendly 🙂

I have extremely loved using them over time . These products and the company give me a great vibe , & also i love supporting a company that supports the community . Their products work,smell and feel fantastic so it is more than a pleasure to do so 🙂

BIOTIQUE products are available on AMAZON,NYKAA and on their own domain site BIOTIQUE !

Don’t forget to check them out ans tag Them and Me sharing your experience of using the Ware .!

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Stay healthy,stay glam

Kinjal bhanushali



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