HELLO guys ,❤️ Hope you’ll are doing well


cried the terrified me.i remember bugging her all day , with my doubts and anxieties of wearing the saree .

I remember, i wore saree for the first time when i was in my 10th grade ,and it was our Farewell time ! From the terrified teenager to celebrating the sensuality of the saree ,the journey has been of LOVE. !

My love for saree grew deep and strong as i started wearing them more often . i grew in love with the effortless grace it brings to me .I also don’t think that there is any other outfit that defines womanhood as a Saree does !

Here what i am wearing is from YADUNANDAN FASHION SAREES , They have pretty much varieties apt for different occasions ! I fell in love with the fabric of the saree which was extremely soft and made me feel completely relaxed and light. I love how they have a entire collection, from casual everday sarees ; to heavy functional wear , that is very different from one another !

When it comes to styling the sarees , there aren’t any precise rules . I love experimenting by admixing different styles,patterns ,forms with them ! And with whatever i wear i love to opt for ethnic jewellery to compliment the simplicity of the saree. oh! Also dont forget to wear thaf confident smile of yours , Cause thats what will make the attire complete 😊

I cant wait to wear saree more often and portray the womanhood with more grace and sensuality !

I am over obsessed with the Collection which YADU NANDAN FASHION SAREE ! Dont forget to check them out guys !

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More love and health to you Bubs

Kinjal Bhanushali

XoXo !!


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