Hello Bomb Fam !! 

Its been quite a while i haven’t done any look book kinda thing !! 

so here i am with all new updates  about the wedding looks for Bridesmaid !!😉

today i would be emphazing on the make up that i did and the outfit i chose to wear for the wedding season !!  

I will be showcasing 2outfit edition in this blog with some make up for you Angels because (YOU DESERVE THE BONUS TIPS)🤗

Looking for some Cues for your friends wedding ! i understand it can be an overwhelming task, especially when you are not able to decide the dress at first hand  !! we hav been taking inspiration through each one in our family !With Me at your bay you need not worry about  the source of inspiration at least 😊😊 !! 

This dress enables you to get some inspiration and solve a #whattowear problem 

Its a simple yet elegant ghagra choli dress which you can flaunt  in the wedding !! its a very sweet looking dress which has traditional colour palette in it ! 

Scarlet red dupatta, Cozy Blue blouse and mixture of rich green shades in the lehenga with bold Fabric !!  

Wrists full churis , Sensational ruby red colour on lips ,with winging those killers eyes with black eyeliners ; & lastly a red bindi on forehead to complete the glamours look ! this is what i would dive in for ! ofcourse you lovelies can opt for the makeup look that you wish for and grab the limelight 😉

 Now its time for the 2nd outfit—

This outfit is for Someone who Enjoys wearing Brights and loves exploring everything about the wedding .!

Ditch the Bling, and let your colours shine through. This bright two shaded lehenga is a dream of every new bridesmaids to flaunt her curves and sensual appeal in the most feminine way

This outfit can be perfect for every occasion around the corner!  The detailing of the outfits is kept catchy yet minimal with vibrant colours ! the blouse has some embroidered detailing which is kept subtle to balance the goregous heavy skirt !

You can go all glittery for your make up look ,but dont forget the red lips Goregous !  wearing red lips with bright eye will make you the centre of attraction in the ceremony .


Hope this information on look book was helpful to you ! so this festive season get spoilt or pampered 😉 


Till then stay tuned for further blogs coming aoon to your way !! don’t forget to follow me on my social account 


Stay healthy stay glamours 

Kinjal Bhanushali



Author: kinjalbhanushali


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