5 best Moisturizer’s For Skin. !!

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Hoping each one is doing great !! 

So ,today i would be discussing about my favorite Moisturizer’s which i have used and loved over the time .Monsoons bring upon lot of excitement ,& joy with it but ,it definitely detorriates our skin gradually which we are unaware of… so i thought the time is ripe to talk about MOISTURIZING your skin well before stepping out in this lovely weather πŸ˜‰ .! without further a due lets get started  

  1. KIEHLS FACIAL LOTION — I hav been using this product since quite a time now and glad to discuss that it definitely does its job of preventing acne on skin  !! It consists of Salicylic acid in it which is best known for its property of preventing and treating acne . After using this i cannot think of any other Moisturizer even in my dream though ! it has literally saved my skin to an extent and made my dull textured skin into smooth and soft skin ! its a little pricy i agree but investing into a good skin care leads you satisfied at the end 😊                         
  2. THE BODY SHOP VITAMINE E– Its consists of VITAMIN E , Wheatgerm oil, Hyaluronic acid in it. now vitamine E has a great role in avoiding aging process,due to some antioxidants present in them, it leaves the skin youth full and healthy looking which is a big thumbs up πŸ‘ . Wheatgerm oil is again rich with antioxidants which is good for a youthfull glowing skin ,it also helps to treat scars on the skin .  Hyaluronic acid helps to lock the moisture present in skin, and it also produces Collagen .collagen is essential to the skin as they help maintain the skin structure ,So basically Hyaluronic acid helps to keep the collagen synthesis up; thats ultimately leaves behind a wrinkle free skin😊 !! with all these qualities in one product who wouldn’t want to give it a hit .also its extremely MOISTURIZING during winters when your skin feels pathetically dry ,With an spf property (what else can you ask )
  3. THE BODY SHOP VITAMIN C–All you make up junkies raise your hand to this product as its all in one for you .acts a perfect base before your makeup ,provides the skin with a smooth texture ; so now you foundation can glide on like butter on skin., its non-greasy and best primer too πŸ˜‰ for all skin type . Vitamin C ( ascorbic acid) on the other hand again is beneficial for the skin as it propogates the collagen synthesis of the skin cells .and what you get is a healthier skin 😍 

    It contains leaf juice extracts of Aloe .Aloe Vera has ‘n’ numbers of benefit on our skin as well as our body since decades now.! The texture of this product gives a very oily finish on the skin which i personally dont like,but it’s not very heavy when applied on the skin and gradually the skin absorbs the moisture with no greasyness on skin.its good Moisturizer for the dry skin because it provides a good amount of shield against dryness! 


Kindly excuse me, for the product being half empty ; this shows how much i love this product and absolutely enjoy using it on skin too. This is very hydrating along with ultra-light formula…i Always prefer it using before make up because of the formula and benefits it has. it is enriched with Wheat germ oil .also its paraben free so its skin friendly.altough it doesn’t last long which is sad ! But when this is an exact dupe for Cliniques Moisture slurge I cannot complain much ,πŸ˜‰ ( you would know what i mean there ) 


1-Kiehls (4,250)

2-The Body Shop (1,196)

3-The Body Shop Vitamin C (1,836)

4-The Body Shop Moisture (2,156)

5-The Body Shop vitamine E Aqua boost sorbet (1,036)

I am dropping down the link below to make it easier for you guys to purchase it incase you wish for =


And thats it guys for this blog today hope it helped you finding the best one for your skin type and your skin solution. {also one more thing to add nykaa is running on its independance sale so its a great opportunity for you to grab any of these products πŸ˜‰ }

Untill next time guys  Stay healthy Stay glamorous Stay HAPPY. dont forget to follow me on my social media accounts

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love you so much guys 

Kinjal Bhanushali (the Glamour &gloss )



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