Hey there hope all are doing well !

As its monsoons we pretty much need to take care of our hair … so without further a due lets get started .,


  • Hair type – First things first evryone in this globe has got different type of hair, different texture, different colour and different problems …concering me i have a natural straight hair with a combination of black to brown colour. i dont have much texture in my hair due to which i face splitends problem..i usually trim my hair after every 6 months..Also i dont often heat-style my hair..only at times when i feel fancy i do but that happens once a month.!  i dont use a blow drier to dry my hair because i feel the natural the better ! 


Hair care- Now my hair care is very very simple i dont use like plethora of products to be honest. i try to keep it as simple as possible .. i wash my hair thrice a week to keep them away from dirt & pollution ., also i face greasyness in my hair if not washed within certain time..not everyday is a good hair day ,hence I recommend using dry shampoo over wash because not only it adds texture to the hair follicles bt also provides Little volume,whereas on the other hand washing can only damage your hair & scalp which we dont want !  now for washing my hair i use tressemme shampoo followed by its conditioner!599!3!186810137211!b!!g!!%2Bmynykaa&utm_source=GooglePaid&utm_medium=Search&utm_campaign=Search_Nykaa&ef_id=WPT3SgAABVszqw9V:20170728153553:s( you can buy the same product here)  

i used tons of other shampoos available in the  market but Everytime i just turned back to this product!! this shampoo is a drugstore product , you need not buy like a super expensive shampoo when a drugstore can work the smells so wonderful and the best part is that the fragrance stays in your hair for decent 2 whenever you give a shake to your hair be ready to experience the best smelling hair ever 😍. it completely nourishes your hair and makes it smooth and shiny. it absolutely does Justice to your hair


  •  AFTER HAIR WASH- Frizz free hair is like a dream for every girl,very few are lucky to have those kind of frizz free hair.Now i have seen many girls combing their wet hair , well sorry to say this but this is absolutely  wrong .reason because wet hair if combed makes your hair more likely to break.curly hair if combed is fine because one doesn’t wanna look like a poodle.πŸ˜‰    i use a serum by loreal which makes my frizzy hair stay under control { the above Link mentioned can help you fetch this product}
  • ONCE YOUR HAIR IS DRY-   After your hair is dried completely you can leave it like that,i prefer using an oil based serum to give a little extra omph to my hair and make it look more shiny and manageable also easy to comb it smells amazing !! P.s-  this works best for me you may use any serum that suits the best for you hair type 

 And last by not the least don’t forget to oil your hair girl i know we are all grown ups and dont really like that greasy hair anymore but trust me oil is the food for your hair.dont excessively oil you hair but try to give a good OIL CHAMPI at least once a week !!  you’ll fall in love with your hair then….i use a mixture of olive,and coconut oil for better nourishment ; you may use anything thats easily available around you! Also yeah don’t forget to eat healthy cause [your body is what you eat]

 So yeah thats it guys for the hair care routine , its simple and can be practiced by everyone.i have tried to keep this blog as simple as possible because i wanted it to be applicable for each one there…

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if you have any suggestions or queries comment down below i ‘l make sure i revert in best way possible 😊

until then stay healthy, stay happy, stay glamours

Kinjal Bhanushali (xoxo)😘



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