Hello Everyone.! 

Today i wanted to talk about some skincare product i .e; Kiehls midnight recovery Concentrate. i discovered it a few months ago and thought to give it try …and after been using it since quite a long i believed to frame my opinion on it…
This product is one of the best seller product of Kiehls, also famous YouTubers that i know at least mention about this product once..!!! after recommendation from these beauty guru i felt it necessary to give it a shot 😉. ! 

The name promises over night results, but my question was does this claim really shows positive result ????  lets check out why it claims so

Whats inside it : Evening primrose oil, lavender oil,squalan( helps maintain natural moisture),! 99.8% KMRC product are naturally derived

What it does on skin : its basic role is to just bring back that extra glow to the skin next morning.! like hey doesn’t do any miracle as such of changing ur skin game entirely but yeah it does show some effect of glowing dewy skin within 1st application ! 

For any positive result of the specific product one needs to be consistent with it..” . In my personal experience i Always noticed that my skin was much more softer and better the next morning.. however its nothing truely incredible also I didn’t find the product to have a long term effect… but it does its job of giving you a healthy looking skin the other day.. ( after all who doesn’t want to wake up to a healthy looking glowy skin) !! 

its totally has very good ingredients in them which works absolutely well when your skin is ‘at rest’. your skin gradually absorbs all the oil and starts its healing process.. don’t worry its even suitable for oily skin as even i have a problematic T-zone. but this oil doesn’t give you a greasy feel after its application.As i said your skin literally absorbs and seeps the oils in the skin tissues deeply.

The packaging is quite decent..which makes the product more convenient to use..!!, all though it’s a little heavily priced, I believe it does its job efficiently !! it is a very good product no doubt,but there may be other different product which may be better than this with good price ,..!! in my opinion i loved how it made my skin look the other morning ( as soft as baby’s bum ) .. but i don’t think i would be repurchasing it anytime soon..!! 

I bought this product From my own money and also used it for more than 2months now..hence the review i placed is 100% honest and unconditional.! nevertheless the skin product which suits my skin the best may not show same effect on you guy’s.because everyone has different type of skin…so use which suits you the best and make you look like glow-bomb ! 
Until then keep supporting ,lets spread love and help each other grow..!!

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stay happy stay glamorous !!


Kinjal Bhanushali



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