Why Cryolipolysis ?

In recent times , Cryolipolysis has become quite a rage in the cosmetic health care Industry.!

I attended an event about the same last week and learnt about cool-sculpting methods in brief!

Cool-sculpting teachnique is a no surgery no downtime solution !

Over there the expert’s emphasized on some of the facts which i was very new to and hence programmed a blog about it !

She addressed -” Dense deposits of fat accumulate in various areas of the body. The face, torso, thighs, & hips become unattractive. Patients who desire an appealing personality chose fat looking patients. The liposuction surgery is very popular around the world .
It is projected as an ideal solution for reducing lipocytes to improve physical shape.

However, More advanced treatments have made their way into the market. In recent times, Cryolipolysis has become quite a rage in the cosmetic healthcare industry. This is a non-invasive, fat freezing technique.

The experts claim that the method not only contours but also sculpts the body. The patient, after some sessions, walks out with a stunning physique. He or she also becomes more sociable, and confident in the mind.


Patients differ from one another in physical and mental terms. Their expectations also vary to a great degree as do their sense of beauty and self-confidence. So, The doctor prescribes unique remedies based on careful assessment during consultations.

  • There are different lipo techniques and patients have a great choice. Some of these methods work well along with tummy tuck procedures. But coolsculpting is the ideal choice if patient has smaller fatty deposits on the body.
  • Liposuction is a surgical procedure that requires incisions or cuts. The patients are also injected with painkillers and sedatives. Cryolipolysis is non-invasive and surgeons do not even administer anaesthesia.
  • If more areas are treated on the body, then liposuction becomes more complex. But in coolsculpting (trademarked cryolipolysis) specialized massage treats the fatty areas.

The costs vary and depend on number of sessions and patient’s expectations. Large volume fat removal surgery is also performed in one session. But coolsculpting can be planned for efficiently removing less fat per each session.

Benefits of Cool Sculpting

  • Quick & Simple
  • Natural Looking
  • Treats different areas
  • Non- Invasive
  • Boots self- confidence
  • Long- Lasting results

Book a CoolSculpting treatment session

If you have stubborn pockets of fat on your body that you haven’t been able to get rid of with diet and exercise alone then CoolSculpting could be the perfect treatment for you.

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Jump Into The Jumpsuit With ( SHEIN)

The jumpsuit has well and truly secured its position as an evening hero, sometimes even rivaling the dress when it comes to stand-out style after hours. Recent seasons, however, have seen its relevance expand across a host of occasions. Whether you’re a committed fan or are yet to experiment with the look, now is the time to think outside the box and bring the one-piece right to the forefront of your everyday rotation

You know what is the greatest item of clothing in the entire world?

The jumpsuit.

Let me count the ways I love my jumpsuits. I have four now, and the collection is expanding at a rapid rate.

What makes jumpsuits such a magical summer outfit option? You can easily wear it as simply or as fashionably as you want! For a minimalistic look, go for a jumpsuit in a vibrant pop of color – hues like , Pastel pink red-orange flatter every skin tone and, when paired with sandals, looks effortless and modern. Want to dress up a jumpsuit for a day or evening out? Add accessories and a strappy heel or sandal – versatile and stylish

A culotte jumpsuit has every convenience of a dress like this one from SHEIN. You pull it on and don’t have to spend time pairing it with something else — plus, those of us who avoid skirts can still feel the security of pants, with the breeziness of a dress. Sure, going to the bathroom may be slightly more time-consuming, but the payoff of a well-fitting jumpsuit that makes you feel like a million bucks is high.

Casual, fancy, low cut, off-the-shoulder… the opportunities are endless. Truth be told, there is truly a culotte jumpsuit for every body type. Here’s how everyone can rock the must-have item this spring.

Stay pretty and neutral with this effortlessly chic jumpsuit from SHEIN. What i love the most about this jumpsuit specifically is that its easy breezy with a proper tinch of hue thats needed ! The Fabric makes it even more wearable with the eye catchy frontal button detailing !

You can shop the smiliar look here SHEIN & you can find plethora of options to choose from !

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as i have enjoyed styling them for you guys!

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Nasik is an ancient city in the northwest region of Maharashtra in India. Also best known for being one of Hindu Pilgrimage sites .Its location makes it a comfortable & ideal holiday destination for Maharashtra People.

Which is why i decided to take a short staycation at NASIK with EPXRESS INN Hotel ! Express Inn – Nashik, offers complete, comfortable and lavish hospitality to all its patrons and provides them with the most extraordinary experience.!

After a 4 hour Bumpy ride away from Mumbai we reached and checked into The EPXRESS INN Hotel & they provided us with the Eva room which is meant specially for the single female traveller ! Although they have different suites depending upon your stay Budget.


Rooms had minimalist decor , wooden flooring , a queen- sized bed & a working desk . The ground length windows opens to a balcony facing the pool.

The rooms were comforting & equipped with basic facilities , toiletries, with ample amount of sunlight streaming in


Breakfast ,Lunch , Dinner were all served in buffet style . Ala Carte option is also available for the Customers on request.

The food quality was Ravishing, Delicious and very well presented . i was so impressed by the staff as they genuinely were so keen in helping me with the menu . They served different Cuisines each day which i loved and enjoyed .

There is an In House Club that offers you delightful Drinks and alcohol beverages which uplifts your mood with pleasant ambiance and soft music .!

PS -( I am a dessert lover and this place definitely won me over with their newness )


Just like any other Hotel, the swimming pool is the highlight here as well. i made the most of it , by spending hours in the pool . The pool is Spacious enough to accommodate a group of people and still have enough space to splash around.

The hotel also houses a quaint library packed with a host of books to indulge in

A staycation is all about re energizing your channels , & charging those depleted energy cells. I enjoyed the spa session of complete 30 minute from the professional therapist .

Am extremely thankful to the entire staff & crew to make my stay Extremely pleasant & delightful.!

For Reserving :


Pathardi Phata, Mumbai Agra Road,
Ambad, Nashik – 422010
Maharashtra, India
Fax: +91-253-6648252
Tel: +91-88052-27777, +91-253-2227777 / 6641111
Email: reservations@expressinnindia.com

I would definitely recommend this hotel for you staycation with families or getaway with friends , or for a business purpose stay !

Hope you enjoyed this HOLISTAY of mine with EXPRESS IN . Make sure you tag me if incase you happen to visit this hotel !

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Spin it up with – Spinz

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Today am updating this space with reviews of a few product that i received and am crushing over ..


Many young woman’s are swearing by bb creams , which could stand for blemish base.They have all-in-one formulae, which replaces the multiple beauty supplies & layers of cosmetics. With SPINZ BB CREAM, you can now replace your serum, foundation, & even concealer ..!
SPINZ BB CREAM actively hydrates the skin & keeps you fresh all day . It even tones your skin too . What i love about the Cream is that its extremely light weight and instantly brightens up the skin.

  • Instant Brightness
  • Sun protection
  • Conceals the skin imperfections
  • Mattified complexion
  • Light & Feathery texture

If you have any skin problem,or irritation to certain ingredients then please make sure to check it before buying !!


Protien is one of the natural and nourishing ingredient of your hair & also the vital one for a healthy , shinny hair .

CHIK PROTEIN SHAMPOO has a mild formulation , enriched with natural protiens that cleanses and provides the necessary nourishment to hair . It claims to strengthen the damage hair prevenf hair fall. Use it Twice or Thrice in a week for best results.

Why i recommend using these products?

Cavinkare is a company that believes in Making products that genuinely satisfies their customers and make them happy. they also believe in providing the best quality product to their consumers . Their products are always easy on pockets and effective . ! that’s the reason i would totally recommend using their brands & their brands products as they are 100% safe to use and provides us with better results .

Hope you guys Enjoyed my personal review on these products .!! Let me know if you guys want me to do more of reviewing the products ,i would be more than happy to do so .! And don’t please forget to follow me on my social media accounts !

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Hey guys wassup ,

Today i am updating this space with some reviews of the brand that i am lately using , its totally new for me too ! i hope you guys enjoy the review blog !

If your like me ,you wont prefer chemical treatments or chemical based products , and are always in pursuit of the best natural products . However this brand called INATUR curates some natural products and believes in no chemical for skin ! So if you like staying away from strong chemicals then INATUR is definitely a try !


This shampoo and conditioner is enriched with goodness of Monoi Oil which provides the necessary nourishment required for the hair ! The conditioner does its job absoulety right . It conditions the hair and results in silky smooth hair ! The ingredients used in them help one achieve thick ,long and Beautiful hair !

Results may vary from person to person.!


The body butter from INATUR contains super impressive list of ingredients. The main ingredient is Avacado ( A super skin Replinsher ) . It is not really thick and greasy in application , although its nourishes the skin so well that reapplication isnt required. its spreads easily and gets absorbed in the skin amazingly without leaving any greasiness on body. Also the packing is a thumbs up 👍.


No fashion esemble is complete without the right fragrance or scent , Right? This lavender body mist from INATUR is just apt for summers , being light weight , calming and fun. Spray it on your neck & shoulders and it will uplift your mood instantly with the lavender fragrance surrounding you . its also alcohol free so there isnt any chances of getting irritation on the skin. There are varieties of pleasant scents available on their website http://www.inatur.in/

I hope you guys enjoyed this mini review session of a very new Brand and have found it useful in someway . The one thing i love about the product from this brand is that all the products smell really nice and detoxifies your mind completely .

You can shop these products from http://www.inatur.in/ .They have a wide range of skin care products.

Drop down in the comments section below if incase you got any doubt regarding the brand or the products .

Till then take care stay glamorous



Hey guys, so i am updating my space with my Hongkong & Macau trip which i did last month ! It was quite an impromptu Trip , therefore it was even more exciting ! To be honest i had not even planned my itenary 😉.!

The Destination was chosen on the go , the Flight tickets and hotel reservation were all last minute errands.! They say “Never keep your Vacation on hold” i guess i took it pretty right !

Hongkong teems with energy from the moment you arrive, & it never lets up.Shopping is on the list. Landmarks and skyline needs to be captured, there’s countless street markets to be explored or get lost in, ferries and boat rides waiting at the bay. Needless to say ,its impossible to do everything ,but there are some experiences that simply shouldn’t be missed.

View from Victoria’s peak

If there’s only one thing you must do in Hongkong, it’s to take in the famous view from Victoria’s peak . Breath taking views of Hongkong island, Kowloon, & on very clear days Kowloons eight mountains.There are several ways to reach at the top, but the classic method is a ride by the peak tram.To decide a better view you can definitely choose the time all by yourself .

Gaze upon Buddha

West of the city center lies the mountainous terrain of Lantau island, home of the TIAN TAN BUDDHA .Sitting 34 metres high , visitors much climb 268 steps to reach the giant statue of BUDDHA , so be ready for a little excerise 😁! If climbing all those step makes you peckish , you can refuel yourself at the neighbouring Ngong Ping village for a traditional Buddist Vegetarian meal !


This was one thing , i was looking forward in this trip the DISNEYLAND. There’s something so magical about seeing sleeping Beauty’s castle ,watching a parade 😍 therefore the happiest place on Earth. Its cheesy i know but its definitely impossible to not fall under its charm ⛪♥️ .Every land is home to a unique look and feel and its own attractions, shops and eating establishments. Some are quite small, others are quite large. They are all well presented, fun and feel self contained. It’s fun to just walk around and appreciate the differences.

My favourite part of Disneyland is the parades! And I wasn’t disappointed. Hong Kong Disneyland had three on the day we visited.

I love how happy and fun the parades are. I find it elating to watch especially then when Disney characters interacted with us and pulled us in. Don’t miss the parades!


Until 1999 Macau was the last European colony in Asia, having been governed by the Portuguese since the mid 16th century. Evidence of her colonial history is scattered throughout the region, ranging from architecture to language to culinary treats and is well worth a visit.

The contrast of sprawling modern casinos will momentarily make you believe you’re in Las Vegas – in the last two decades Macau has quickly transformed into a gambler’s paradise. Today, this tiny territory is a huge magnet for mainland Chinese gamblers as it’s illegal to gamble in Hong Kong and China under Chinese law. With ferries every half hour Macau is easily accessible from Hong Kong, making the perfect day trip for every visitor!

Hope you’ll enjoyed the Travel blog ! Let me know which attraction did you find the most interesting ! Hearing from you guys would be half the fun 😊 so please share your thoughts and questions in the comments below !

More love and power to you guys !


Biotique Care !

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Today i would be reviewing a bunch of products that i have loved using from BIOTIQUE.

The cosmetics and personal care market is over flowing with goodness these days. BIOTIQUE is definitely competitive with the quality and functionally of its products , but what makes it really different to me is that they have made ethical consciousness a strong part of the company culture .

I thoroughly love that they keep their products 100% natural ,so i can feel good using them knowing that they are good for my skin and good for the world at large.


Biotique beginning is indeed my favorite because is it with the splash of empowering female entrepreneurialism.

Vinita Jain the founder of Biotique range of ayurvedic beauty and Health products in Collaboration with a Swiss company . According to her the brand is a combination of the 5,000 year- old science of ayurveda and 21st century biotechnology .

“Actually, we did our work before we went into it. We didn’t want to be surprised, so we did a lot of research prior to the application. I was myself involved with a team of people so that there were no challenges and surprises when we were doing it “- she said

With her passion for the products she explained –
We go to the base level — right from the seed, to the type of soil, to the organic fertilizers. So from that level we grow the crops and we see that the active ingredients in each of the herbs are tightly monitored.


Most people Know that BIOTIQUE products are 100% natural, effective & offer some greatness as well.

If you’re familiar with BIOTIQUE face wash range,you know that these people know how to make your skin happy ! I tried this Bio Honey Gel Face Cleanser which is intensely hydrating and the fragrance is divine. This cleanser is apt for Dry skin as it caters utmost hydration to your dull skin and restores the glow !

Bio Cucumber Toner is the second step in my Skin care routine . This toner Predominantly helps in tightening the skin & minimizing the pores . i feel like it works well in beautifying the skin and correcting the texture of surface on the skin.

Bio Papaya Facial Scrub, hands down is my favorite scrubber so far. This scrub emphasizeses on removing the Sun tan and is absolute solution for this scorching season. Apt for normal to combination skin. I love the effect of it after i rinse my face off , it makes my skin feels like a baby’s bum 😉 soft & smooth ! I have introduced it religiously into my weekly skincare regimen.

Bio Seaweed Anti- Fatigue Eye Gel , is an absolute must have in my opinion. This treats the puffy eyes and reduces Fatigue. It is designed with Great ingredients to cool down the eyes and feel fresh ! The packaging is handy therefore its travel friendly 🙂

I have extremely loved using them over time . These products and the company give me a great vibe , & also i love supporting a company that supports the community . Their products work,smell and feel fantastic so it is more than a pleasure to do so 🙂

BIOTIQUE products are available on AMAZON,NYKAA and on their own domain site BIOTIQUE !

Don’t forget to check them out ans tag Them and Me sharing your experience of using the Ware .!

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